Friday, March 5, 2010

Situation in San Diego, and I'm not talkin bout my abs

Racism obviously sucks, and neither I nor most people at UCSD condone it in anyway, so let me explain why it looks like the whole campus is going bonkers. This post is part of a 2 part production in regards to "The Compton Cookout," the noose incident in Geisel, the Koala kids ridiculous antics on Student Run Television, and of course the placement of a KKK hood on our beloved Dr. Seuss monument. I am a student at the University of California, San Diego and I'm here to clear things up.

So everybody's wondering "What the hell is going on at UC San Diego?" People are thinking "I never knew that there were so many racists there?" Well the truth of the matter is, there aren't as many racists as there are idiots. I declare that all the antics spawned from a lack of intelligence rather than racist motivations. That's the thesis... now lets see it in action:

Part 1-Compton Cookout:

College kids looking to party think they've found a creative theme during Black History Month. They didn't think "Hey! What better way to honor our nation's black heroes than by making a complete mockery of the race"... the truth is they didn't THINK at all. They put together a party, found a theme that was unique and fitting and said "Whatever gives me the chance to wear douchey stunna shades indoors and gets bitches in skimpy clothing, let's roll with this, whose got the keg!" Don't forget, these socialites have thrown countless parties mocking other races... Mexican Fiestas, Irish St. Patty's Day, White Trash keggers, Italian Mafia, you name it there's been a party that ridiculed it.

The key problem here, is that these guys didn't realize racially bashing black people is SOoo 20th century. You can't pull that shit anymore! Especially not since Kramer lost his mind at that comedy club (see link below to get reference). So you're wondering "Who makes these rules?" I don't fuckin' know, but what I do know is that you better figure em out and abide by them or you're gonna piss people off. Even comics know, you can't go hard on black jokes, people just get awkward and uncomfortable...Talk as much shit about Asians not being able to drive, or Mexicans with too many babies at the welfare office, or Muslims with turbans and potential terrorist agendas, but if you're gonna talk about Black people being drug dealers and drive-by experts... be ready for some groans of discontent.There's just certain people you can't ridicule in certain ways anymore. Which some may call progress... I call it "pusseria:"

Pusseria- (noun)
. The societal condition of being overly sensitive.
2. Inability to take a joke at your own expense.
3. Being a pussy

Example: Man Gary really got angry when we made that joke about his mom getting that second abortion, I think pusseria's gettin to him.

Now, due to widespread pusseria some of you are probably already getting a little riled up so allow me to post a disclaimer...
Disclaimer: I do not think that any minorities offended by racism are pussies. Pusseria is a societal condition leading to a greater call for political correctness and politeness. Also, it stems from pussy-cats, which are small, scared and sensitive creatures. So, women need not be offended by the term.
(see what pusseria makes one do?)

Anyway back to the point of the whole post. If this happened at a community college or even SDSU this would be much easier to believe, but people have the misconception that most kids at UCSD are pretty intelligent...False-- there are a LOT of retards (wait is retards an inappropriate term, sorry...take 2) There are a lot of individuals lacking intelligence. The kids threw the party without thinking about how people could actually consider it racism and get offended. You're like "No way, that's STUPID!" and I'm like "Exactly, that's my point!" The people that threw the party were/are stupid, ignorant and naive. Very, very much so. But not racists. I'm not saying that makes it ok. Calm down... pump the brakes, and just let it marinate in your mind a lil bit. I just thought you'd like to really know about the supposed rampant racist ideologies illustrated through the events at UCSD over the past few weeks.

This concludes part 1.
COMING SOON-- Part 2 "Dr. Neuss?" for more elaboration on UCSD incidents. Stay Tuned and thanks for reading!

Kramer's rant, now THIS is worth getting pissed about:!videos=yutd6Ew3FYA&v=Lv_ac-op8IA


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