Thursday, July 12, 2012

Comics and Hecklers (Reflecting on Tosh Fiasco)

Comics and hecklers - what's really going on.... (Reflecting on this Tosh fiasco)
I'm not going to elaborate much on the most superficial reason for why this fiasco is absurd: for as long as comedy has been around, there have been comics that push the boundaries of taboo, test the limits of free speech, and give people a rise by touching upon subjects that make people cringe, upset and highly offended. It's a part of the business, if you fear it that much stay away from it. Done with that, now moving on to what I think is the more important issue: This situation involving Tosh (this time) stems from the general population's inability to truly grasp some the fundamental components regarding the nature of stand up comedy, and the incredibly offensive practice of heckling.

You don't go to a comedy club to "stand up for something you believe in" when something you happen to be offended by comes up, especially when you've gone to see one of the most edgy comics working in the business today. Her job was to shut up and watch the show, and leave if she was upset by something. Do you start yelling during a play if the actors start doing something contrary to your beliefs? Comics are the only people that have to deal with this level disrespect on a regular basis, and every time one of them does something to cut down a heckler, people try to judge it so harshly. "Hmmm... that may have been a mean thing to say to that poor poor woman that interrupted his performance, and might have thrown off a set, at a big show, maybe even during a joke he's been working on perfecting for 10 months .... hmmm, what a meanie!" You need to understand this dynamic before you judge a comic with his back against the wall. Once you open your mouth, be ready for a fight; It's up to the comic to choose however he deems necessary to defend himself, while simultaneously being funny, quick, and keeping control in the room.

Some of the claims I've heard regarding why it was so offensive are pretty ridiculous and making more out of the event than need be. Tosh wasn't trying to demonstrate masculine control, nor emphasize some overarching theme of a patriarchal society and capitalize on women's vulnerability - give me a break. I bet he would have just as easily said the same thing to a dude... He's just saying that the person is such a nuisance that he wishes the worst thing ever would happen to them, because in that moment the heckler is the single largest cause of annoyance in his world.

This disconnect regarding the relationship between the comic and the audience is what leads to angry crowds when the comic goes "overboard," and furious comics when the crowd tries to "help." I know it can be confusing because many comics want to create the vibe like "we're all just hanging out, I'm just chilling and talking to you guys." That's why I try not to get too angry when a heckler tries to "help" or chime in with their opinion during my set. But, when people want to jump on a comic for his tactics during the fight I feel so annoyed that I'm compelled to write a 4 paragraph presentation on the matter. (and I don't normally do this stuff...don't remember the last time i left a comment on something like this) I just think people need to understand what is really going on, from the comic's perspective. Then maybe more people would sit and listen, talk less, and treat a stand up performance like any other live entertainment, and act like an audience there only to listen and respect the entertainer that has been working YEARS and YEARS and YEARS on his art of making you laugh.

Anyone who chooses to judge Tosh harshly because of this clearly does not understand the world of stand up comedy, or the nature of stand up comics. People think yelling stuff is ok, or not that bad - and there's the problem. When you yell out anything at a comic during his set, 99% of the time it is the most obnoxious annoying insult to us as performers and people. Moreover, it is an attack, an attack at us in our most vulnerable position where humiliation, reputation and the credibility of your wit is on the line. It's a big deal! Even though many comics will play it off like it's all fun and they'll try to make a light joke (while all secretly hoping someone would ram a dick into the hecklers mouth, male or female). Now when see someone heckle during a show in any capacity, hopefully you'll understand the gravity of the offense in the eyes of a comic. So, the next time you see a heckler send out a missile, don't be so surprised if the comic hits 'em back with a nuke.

Friday, February 18, 2011

What u get on a daily basis when ur a comic

Joke advice, ...and it's always pure gold!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Coachella and Friends, A scientific discovery

My studies have found an uncanny relationship btwn the number of ppl I know using massive amounts of substances, and the number of ppl that need to talk about coachella. It's science....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Check out my new video

This video captures Congressman Bumbler's views on the Quran burning that was planned for 9/11. Check it out

Saturday, August 28, 2010

It's Just Natural...

Many people are dumb animals. They think little, and make a lot of noise. They want things done their way, and think anybody doing the opposite must be crazy.

I remember an old argument with a girl I dated. She declared men were the only dumb animals as far as humans go. This coming from the chick that insisted on wearing heels everywhere because she'd rather have cute feet than comfort, but ended up taking em off every night to walk the streets barefoot like a god damn cave man; She once stepped in a pile of bum shit... and brought the heels back out the next night for round 2. Clearly, she was a moron. But, I'm not trying to start a battle of the sexes here. I just think we can all agree, that many people, men or women, do a lot of abnormal shit. What I can't stand though, is when girls me or my buddies date try to chastise us for not following the "natural order" of things if we don't want to spend a month wining and dining 'em just to earn a pass to their fortress of solitude (vagina). (probably didn't need that last parenthesis, but i hate ambiguity)


I once dated a girl that refused to move forward physically until I proved myself emotionally. For some reason, my emotions rested solely on my debit card. So about 2 weeks in I confronted her and asked when she's gonna start spending the night. She felt that I needed to take her on at least 4 more dates. Why 4... like there was some specific equation in her loony head that calculated the conversion of emotional commitment to vajey-jey? So we got into a scuffle, firing back and forth with are best bullets. Finally, she was like "Look, you have to put in some time because it's just the way things are, it's normal...It's JUST NATURAL!" This blew my mind. How is this natural? Human men are the only species that have to go through this BS just to bust a nut! What other animal on the planet has to wine and dine their girl, take 'em to a few shows, and get to know their shitty cat before putting it in? It's the exact opposite of natural. Peacocks do a little dance, show how big and awesome their feathery shit is and get some ass. I should be able to just teach a girl how to Thizz dance, whip out my balls and get to tea bagging. That would be more natural than a month of dating. At the end of the day we're animals, and animals should follow the real, natural patterns intended for them.

Another good example of normal/natural order comes from monkeys, our closest relatives. If monkeys saw what we go through just for a quick tip dip, they'd go bananas.(zing!) Monkeys have a very normalized, systematic approach to the whole game. A baboon whips out his erection, the female sees it and her hoohoo swells up to the size of a football while glowing bright pink like a fuckin' bullseye. The male jumps on and everybody's happy. Simple, native, beautiful. So if ladies really want men to do what's normal and natural... trust me, we're game.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Do cry over spilled oil

So this oil spill is getting out of hand. Have you seen the photos? It looks like somebody took a giant shit out there, ...and then covered the shit in oil. And then took another shit. The worst part about the whole situation is that it seems impossible to stop. BP keeps pumping out potential solutions and they all fail. Why are we trusting these guys to come up with the innovative breakthrough to save those waters. These assholes couldn't even handle their own rig!

Unfortunately, BP's most recent brilliant idea to resolve the issue was declared a failure this morning, despite the pure genius of the tactic: trying to clog the hole with mud. Fuckin' mud?! What do they got, a team of 8 year olds working behind the scenes for solutions? Apparently they pumped 1.2 MILLION gallons of mud into the hole, but most of it escaped into the water. No Shit.

Another sad part about all this is that many Americans don't have a clue about how this is effecting the United States. I heard a man earlier this week say "Well, fuck it. If it's in the Gulf of Mexico let the Mexicans deal with it. Hey, maybe now they wont be swimmin' cross those waters over to the U.S. all the time!"....So retarded, I don't even know where to begin ..."They took ERR joooobs!"-is what I was expecting him to end with.

On a positive note, the staff here at WTFeraz has a potential solution to this fiasco. It was reported a few days ago that using hair in a sponge-like manner has been very effective for cleaning the waters. There have been numerous clips of clean-up crews scooping up massive amounts of oil drenched hair, moving from area to area and slowly cleaning parts of the Gulf. We need to take this to the next level. It's simple: What animals have hair on them and the ability to swim through water AND the potential to be seduced by monetary incentives? Human beings! And, What human beings are so hairy that even one of them has the hair-equivalency of seven average men... Middle-Easterners!
Step 1:We need to find numerous amounts of Arabs, Pakistanis, and descendants of Robbin Williams.
Step 2: Find out what it will take to get them in the water. Maybe some of them will volunteer out of the kindness of their hearts, maybe some will need to be bribed with lifetime supplies of Trader Joe's Mediterranean Hummus, I don't know...but we need to find out.
Step 3: Send 'em swimming. Pick them out of the waters. Drain the oil out of their myriad bodily hairs, and store it for future sales.

Middle-easterners, the people that share the origins of the very oil which taints our waters can be the heroes of this tale. Destiny or coincidence. Genius or poetic. You be the judge.